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Artist Receive Quality Promotion!
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Because you need our VIP Promotional services We will expose You In The Right Places.
To build your name in the World of music.

Plus with proven products, better yet known as hit's,
We have the capabilites of putting you
on the table for a record deal.

We can represent you
in the world of music, Because you need it

we have the connections

Here in our promotional firm! We are not overcrowed, There's room for you so you can receive VIP attention turbo boost your career. There is A limit of artists in which we will handle. We will notify everyone of our cut off point for enrollment.

We are branching and building a force worldwide. Whether you are a singer, songwriter, independant label, production company or independant label, we can promote you.

We specialize in International, soul, rap, hip hop, rhythm & blues, Jazz, rock, hip rock, country rock, spanish, and other genres.

We are official Song Broker for Songwriters Radio Service, and exclusive with the power to accept your Demos. Your unpublish song now has a chance to make it's mark worldwide. We have the connections to promote you to commercial broadcast, radio programmers, and satellite syndicators, where all the super stars test their music in the music industry.
Don't let this oppourtunity pass you by! We can represent you in our firm. Our availabilty is filling fast. Hopefully if you need it, we got it. It's not the quanity but the quality of service that we can render.


Kleopatra's Promotional services include, but are not limited to, concerts, showcases, television media interviews, performance, magazines, press, press releases, internet website, booking agents, and management services.

Our fees are economical. Take a look and decide on which plan fits your budget. We'll contact you immeidately once we are notified of your enrollment. You will have access to our firm, direct contact with us, as well as VIP access. Once notified, We will go to work for you. Our team is filled with specialize agents in the entertainment field. We are growing by building our branches for your representation.








When you need production and are on a budget, you can make use of our
production services! We have the capabilities of producing you and your album with top engineers specializing in soul, rhythm & blues, hip-hop, rap, and more.

On our team of engineers/Producers some that have worked with super star such as: Prince, George Clinton, Snoop Dog, Wynans, and many more. If you want your album or song recorded and produced at our facilities, contact us.
We have the phatest production team on this side of the planet.

We will work with you on your recording, studio arrangements, financing, payment arrangements, schedule, and planning for your album. Wheither one song at a time or until final completion of your commericial album.
Arrangement for financing can sometimes be made once you are approved
by our headquarters. Contact Kleopatra's Productions and request production, financing, or studio arrangements for your album.

We won't promise the sun, but we'll give you
quality services along with our motto:
Promotions with Dedication,
And With Hope To Soar You To The Highest,

Kleopatra's Promotions is what you need
to reach your goals. We have the tools, the stepping stones.

It's not the quanity, but the quality of service
knowing that you are enrolled in VIP Artist Promotion.
We are A Young Company, Energized,
Promotional builders Contact our office. The rest is up to you.

Enrollment Fee &
Service Information:

with our services for VIP Artist Promotions Division. You Will be in a fast zone above the others. Your investment will go right to work.Your fees will cover promotions postal, phones, copies and detail expenses. Note: every artist is different and fees may variate with unique promo packages. call us.

After receiving your enrollment and fee we will be in immediate contact with you. We shall gathered your information begin to move you forward by posting you on our worldwide website.
You will also receive:
VIP- access to our firm 24 hours a day,
7 days a week through our VIP Hotline.

Make your decision
step into this zone.



Kleopatra's VIP Artist enrollment is exclusive and LIMITED to a certain capacity
Contact our firm while space is available.

Enroll today with a check, money order, or credit card.
Be sure to print out the enrollment form and send your
promo packages with your Artist/investment fee to:

Kleopatra's Productions
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3896 Dewey Avenue Suite #5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616







We accept registered demos for song writers radio service.
We also represent and test
full album Release.
(Note: Promotional services that results in contractual agreement with independent, or major Record Label are estimated at current standard music industry percent rate of the recording artists contracted
amount negotiated and agreed upon by the artist and Kleopatra's Promotional/Productions.)
Note: Fees are subject to change untill contract is agreed upon
special promotions makes packages unique call for more info. .

Check back for updates.

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