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Name: Anthony Mirabella
Stage Name: Bugzie
Group: Roc City Mahem
Ethnicity: Italian
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthdate: April 10, 1983
Birth Place: Rochester, New York
Influences: Tupac, Method Man, Mobb Deep, The Lox, and 50Cent

Born in Rochester, New York, raised in the West Side of the City. Started in a group called "The Realm" under Madhouse Productions. Left the group to pursue solo career. Changed his name to Charisma, then started working with Scott's Honor Entertainment. Performed at the Heritage House and Edgerton Park. He also had two songs on 104 WDKX home jams. Presently with Roc City Mahem, new name Bugzie.

Goals: To take his family out of the Ghetto, to be successful and raise his children in an environment better than what he had. To make a name for himself in the entertainment business, and to put Rochester of the map.

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Bugzie is currently in productions writing, practicing, and preparing for his demo release.
He is working very hard. His goal is to hopefully one day create that massive
demo/ hit. In the most important place any star could possibly be recognized
in the music industry and to build his career.