SWD Intro
Ever Dreamt
of A Star Singing

Well This Is The Place
Where You'll Get That Chance.






If you want to Pitch Your Unpublish Song(s)
To The Famous Super Stars,
You Need To Prove That You Have A Hit.
Who wants to sing a flop?

Think About It.

How else can Kanye West, Shania Twain and
all the other great singers find your music?
Getting your song in the same place where their Hits are Airing Worldwide In Full Commercial, Global Broadcast is the best way to start.

No Other Place will you get this opportunity












Right Now
No one in the Music Industry even knows that your songs exist.

Right Now
Super Stars ar
e Searching
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Right Now
Millions of songs are competing
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Super Stars.

Right Now
The door where you can enter
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entire music industry
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Let your song prove it self.
You'll be surprised one day at who may be calling or
knocking at your door.

To build your career
you need to establish your abilities.

This Foundation is needed for those who
want to go to the next level.

Your Chance Has Arrived



Know This, Now You Have The Oppourtunity